New Read of Local History

“Veda Rogers grew up in Quenemo, Kansas, married her childhood sweetheart, and they went on to establish Vassar Playhouse near their hometown. Located at Pomona Lake 35 miles south of Topeka, they ran the theatre sixteen seasons beginning in 1970. Veda has more in common with Ginger Rogers than their roles of Dolly Levi; Veda’s father-in-law, John Rogers, was Ginger’s stepfather, “Daddy John.”

He helped to get Ginger started in her career, managing her Vaudeville tour for two years, 1926-1927. This book is Veda’s story-the story of Vassar Playhouse-her family, the players, their griefs and their joys. But-because of her husband, Bruce, Ginger also plays a part. This story is for anyone who has ever put his/her feet on stage. Curtain Everyone!” (from back cover of book)

Lyndon’s Finest – Stephen Singular’s Newest Book

Stephen Singular

Stephen Singular, is a two-time New York Times bestselling author whose articles have appeared in New York Magazine, Psychology Today, Inside Sports, The New York Times Magazine, Rolling Stone, and American Photo. From 1983 to 1987, he was a staff writer at The Denver Post and his first book, Talked To Death: The Life & Murder of Alan Berg (1987), was nominated for an Edgar Award. Since then, he’s published 18 more non-fiction books about high-profile crimes, social criticism, and business and sports biographies.

For more about his new book:

We’re turning colors

The Library is turning its walls bright colors these days with the help of volunteer Tim Hayes. The stairway was painted green and yellow with an orange door and window. And now the upstairs restroom is orange too. Looks great and has received many nice compliments.

LearningExpress Library

LearningExpress Library

Kansas job seekers, new help has arrived! The State Library of Kansas just inked a three-month trial deal with LearningExpress Library to offer extensive online resources including occupational and scholastic practice tests, skill-building courses and a segment of the service titled, “Job and Career Accelerator.”

“This is a fabulous addition to the research databases that we already offer to all Kansans,” explained State Librarian Jo Budler. “It’s an amazing collection of individual exercises, full-blown courses, and practice tests ranging from 3rd grade math problems, to middle school grammar questions, to preparing for the ACT, GED, and even the test for US Citizenship.”

You can access LearningExpress from the button on this Web site.

All users will need to create a unique account within LearningExpress to view course offerings, practice tests, or career and training information and to save any created files, such as a new resume.  Print out instructions here LearningExpressInstructions.

Regardless of an individual’s goal, LearningExpress Library’s resources promote success. Twelve different Learning Centers from elementary through college levels plus computer skills, GED and new workplace skills training offers the exercises, the courses, the practice tests, and the information needed to be successful at school, at work, or in life. Looking to land a job? The Job and Career Accelerator will identify strengths and weaknesses, help with resume writing, and even monitor postings on job boards.

You may also want to check out:

  • Practice Tests for Careers such as electrician, plumber, air traffic controller, and military aviation;
  • eBooks that assist in preparation for careers in Civil Service such as EMT, or police, or healthcare occupations such as paramedic or nurse’s aide;
  • Extensive list of flash-based computer skill tutorials to learn Microsoft programs such as Power Point, Excel, Word or Outlook Express, and Adobe.
  • US Citizenship Test Practice, including hundreds of questions, all taken from the official naturalization test and geared toward achievement of the best possible scores.
  • GED materials with study strategies, pretests and lessons, and exam practice questions.

100 Years Celebration Time

Would anyone (never hurts to ask) have access to a BIG (like 30’x30′) tent for us to use at our October 2nd celebration?  We’re afraid to have an outdoor book sale anymore without a cover.   Bring your donations (nice, gently used, no Readers Digest condensed or old encylopedias please) to the Library.    Stay tuned for more information.